Corey O'Brien and Zane Phillips Source: Instagram

InstaQueer Roundup: Zane Phillips, Corey O'Brien & Yvie Oddly Show Off Every Inch of Their Skin

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 2 MIN.

Welcome to our latest round-up of queer Instagram thirst traps!

This week we've got Zane Phillips in a nude photoshoot with strategically placed Louis Vuitton bags, Chris Appleton's arms and thighs on show for GQ Mexico, Reneé Rapp shows us her "maaaassive" cleavage in a cut-out bra, Yvie Oddly poses naked with their brand new book, TikTok star Corey O'Brien's comedy show invite has the title printed on his underwear, Griffin Maxwell Brooks is cycling around the city in shorts that you have to see to believe, and Jonathan Bailey's horny "Drink your milk" tee.

Zane Phillips wearing nothing but Louis Vuitton bags in delectable outtakes from his VMAN photoshoot.

And here he is in a recent photoshoot for a double-shot of Zane.

GQ Mexico got Chris Appleton in for the horniest bathroom-focused thirst trap photoshoot. Scrolling through this gives arms arms arms all day, except when he's in the shower and it's all about his thighs!

Reneé Rapp in a leather jacket and a bra so far beyond barely-there that she's had to blur her boobs, her caption referencing a poster (seen in slide 4) that someone brought to her Bonnaroo show.

Yvie Oddly poses with their book "All About Yvie" and nothing but a tie and killer heels, showcasing their "Yvolution" in the carousel post to celebrate the release of their memoir.

Comedian and TikTok star Corey O'Brien posing playfully for the poster of his "One Night Only" comedy show. Here is a shot from the front... and one from the rear.

Griffin Maxwell Brooks captioned this post "It's a Citi bike summer" –and these peekaboo shorts certainly have us thinking about riding something!

Jonathan Bailey announces his nonprofit-supporting venture The Shameless Fund with the release of a horny, "Fellow Travelers" inspired Loewe t-shirt that comes with milk dripping down your shirt.

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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