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Watch: Gabby George Promises OnlyFans; Hates Gay Culture


What's up with George Santos? The disgraced ex-Congressman recently brought back his drag persona, Kitara Ravache, on Cameo; and, oh yes, was duped into doing a promotion for NAMBLA on the same rent-a-celebrity app.

On that fan-sharing site, Santos is charging $300 for a personal greeting, but adds "content of videos don't reflect my views and are a fulfillment of a contractual obligation with the consumer." Jimmy Kimmel famously contracted Santos to create a series of prank videos, for which the ex-congressman sued him in February. Kimmel countersued last week.

He announced Kitara's return on Monday, claiming that "20% of the proceeds will go to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which supports 9/11 victims, and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a pro-Israel group," MSNBC reported.

"But that was news to them," MSNBC continued. "Both organizations he claimed to be fundraising for said they did not know he was doing so on their behalf, nor had they been in contact with Santos or anyone on his team."

Watch George Santos on the YouTube podcast No Jumper.

On Tuesday the gabby, disgraced congressman appeared on the streaming interview show No Jumper where he was interviewed by host Adam22 (a.k.a. Adam Grandmaison). For nearly an hour Santos hits on a variety of topics, both political and personal, and made one bit of breaking news: He is heading to OnlyFans. He put a cap on a discussion about his private life with "I'm not giving you that for free! You can subscribe to my OnlyFans when it launches."

Adam22 countered by asking if he planned on doing "the full thing on there," to which the modest Santos fired back, "No, no, no, absolutely not. Maybe show [my] moobs."


The ever-modest Santos also said he might have sex with Taylor Swift. (More eww.) At first he said he wouldn't, but when host Adam22 pointed out the media attention, Santos reconsidered: "Maybe. I just thought about that, maybe."

Previous to his OnlyFans announcement, Santos described his failed marriage to a Brazilian woman, Uadla Vieira Santos, for seven years from 2012 to 2019. "During that time, in 2014, he announced his engagement to another man, Pedro Vilarva, though Vilarva reportedly never accepted his proposal," reports the Daily Mail.

Santos told Adam22 that his time in the closet "was me trying to hide natural urges and try not to disappoint mom and dad kind of.

"You see, both my parents are Brazilian. There's a very machista culture in Brazil," Santos continued. "Being gay is kind of dangerous in that country. Well, I grew up here. My parents, little I knew, had such an open mind about it. But I was married for a couple of years. I mean, on paper, it looks like I was married for nine years. But in reality, I was married for like three, four years. But then it took another five years to actually finalize a divorce because I came out to her. I'm like, 'You know what? I can't do this no more. I had sex with your best friend, a gay dude'."

A photo on Twitter of George Santos promoting his drag persona Kitara.
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And don't expect Santos to be Grand Marshall at any Pride parades this year. "I cannot stand gay culture," Santos said in another moment of the interview.

"I'm gay. That's it. That's between me and the four walls of my bedroom. I don't need to push that shit on you."

The disgraced former lawmaker went on: "I have rights. I've never felt like any rights I think I had, in my opinion, you and I have the same exact rights as men in this country, period. That who you sleep with makes no difference on your rights. The Bill of Rights covers us both equally. So all this nonsense of DEI and gender equality and all of this other stuff, it's just pandering for political bullshit."

He also would not go on the record when asked if he were a top or a bottom. "I'm not getting into that with you. I get that question asked quite often," Santos said with a laugh, explaining that straight people are usually the ones to ask that question.

He also went after Congress, which had expelled him last December.

"I completely hated the culture around it. It was garbage. Not what I thought it was going to be," he said.

"Last week Santos officially dropped out of the race for Congress after launching a run against New York Republican Rep. Nick LaLota," writes the Daily Mail.

LaLota shot back at the news: "Chat GPT translation: He's taking a plea deal."

"Santos is set to stand trial in September for allegedly defrauding investors, lying to election officials and stealing unemployment benefits," adds the Daily Mail.

Santos was expelled from Congress in December and replaced by Democrat Tom Suozzi, leaving the House GOP with an even smaller majority. But, the 34-year-old suggested this wouldn't be the end of him in public life.

'I have meet with leaders and with constituents and I have made the decision to hang it up here and stop perusing this race, this year! The future holds countless possibilities and I am ready willing and able to step up to the plate and go fight for my country at anytime,' Santos said.

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