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Here's Johnny! A Rapid-Fire Look at Johnny Rapid's Life Through Instagram

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 4 MIN.

Occasionally, an adult movie actor comes along who becomes so popular it reminds us that the medium is a legitimate contributor to pop culture noteworthiness. Johnny Rapid is such an actor.

Originally from Conyers Georgia, Johnny says that his first adult movie scene was in 2010 at 18 years old. From there he became one of the biggest gay adult movie stars on the internet which also brought with it some question about his sexual orientation since he had a girlfriend in real life. But that was back when labels were a thing and sexual expression was limited to non-inclusive language such as "gay" or "straight," and being a bisexual or pansexual adult movie star was an automatic "gay for pay" industry moniker.

But Johnny didn't seem to mind. In fact he used it to his advantage as did his studio Johnny became their golden boy and flourished in the industry partly because of his twinkish looks and willingness to try almost anything. He famously challenged pop singer Justin Bieber to do a scene with him for $2 million dollars which not only shows how successful he had become monetarily but the girth of his celebrity. Bieber never responded publicly.

Now at 31, Johnny is still making content. Now with a forearm tattoo and facial hair, the performer is attracting a whole new audience which, thanks to social media, means he can start a whole new facet to his catalog. We have scanned through Johnny's Instagram account and picked out some posts (some new, some old) that prove his star power hasn't been drained.

What a difference a decade makes. In this pic, Johnny asks which one you like the best: the twink or the daddy era? It's an unfair question because he looks great in both. On one hand you see him as the young man who launched a successful studio career and on the other, the older man who is now in charge of himself. The juxtaposition is a great example of how adult film stars who are passionate about their art can continue to be creative at any age.

Here's a more recent picture of the adult movie celebrity. In a recent interview, Johnny says he doesn't see himself as iconic and he doesn't really get why other people do. He does recall the time in 2011 when he rocketed to stardom after he and Rafael Alencar did a now famous shower scene together, and how he might have become a bit of a diva back then. But now he's more focused on his enterprise rather than his eminence.

Clad in his Joker-colored boxer briefs, Johnny poses atop his workspace under a wildcat inspired gallery wall. He is giving his best superhero pose which isn't new for him because he has starred in two adult movie parodies based on a popular DC comics franchise. The first being "The Justice League," and the second –- his own spin off, "The Flash." Funnily enough fans appreciated how well the adult filmmakers paid homage to the source material over what big studios did in their mega-budget productions.

by Timothy Rawles

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