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Don Lemon Asks a Pointed Question About Elon Musk Being 'Uncomfortable' With Gay Men

Emell Adolphus READ TIME: 2 MIN.

Don Lemon has had a disaster of a week in the news as he attempts to reboot his media career. But he is turning lemons into lemonade.

After he was set to launch his new X, formerly known as Twitter, show with an interview with X CEO Elon Musk, things went haywire and Lemon recently theorized with tech journalist Kara Swisher about all the reasons why.

Musk reportedly canceled his contract with Lemon, and Lemon suggested that maybe the writing was already on the wall at the beginning of the interview because Musk was "uncomfortable sitting in front of a gay Black guy."

To Lemon's credit, Swisher said his interview with Musk was "excellent" and "very fair."

She added, "I think people watching it will be wondering why he [blew] a gasket over it."

Swisher theorized that Musk is "surrounded by people who kiss his ass all the time ... He's not used to pushback whatsoever the way he used to be."

Not to mention, he is "easily bored," Swisher said. "It sounds crazy I don't think you were boring I don't think your questions were boring but he was bored and so he got irritated."

Lemon added, "People have been asking me what I meant by when I said he did not like answering questions or being held to account from people like me."

Lemon said he was thinking differing world views but others reportedly took it to mean race.

"But since people raised it, do you think that he was uncomfortable? I didn't want to go there. Do you think he was uncomfortable sitting in front of a gay black guy?" Lemon asked Swisher.

Swisher answered that it was probably more his gayness than blackness.

"I don't think he likes control beyond himself and so it doesn't matter who's exerting it," Swisher added. "I don't think he much likes Joe Biden either."

Watch Lemon's interview with Musk below, and tell us what you think is bothering him.

by Emell Adolphus

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