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With a Possible TikTok Ban, Gay Twitter Shares the Vids that Could 'Save' the App

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 4 MIN.

It's official: The House has voted "yes" to legislation that could ban TikTok. "The bill, passed by a vote of 352-65," The Associated Press reported, "now goes to the Senate, where its prospects are unclear."

So, while we still have the app in our hands, we've spent this precious time looking back at the incredible, powerful cultural impact of the groundbreaking app. TikTok brought us joy and laughter, got us hooked on salacious gossip, and has been a valuable source of education. As we risk losing the app forever, the people of X (formerly Twitter) have taken this opportunity to celebrate the best of TikTok. And we've selected our queer faves from this best-of party:

The '"pigeon at Pride" skit changed our lives. The gay who drank boba for the first time – making a mess of his car in the process – makes us laugh out loud to this day. And we adore the "ligibitikita" guy confirming that he supports queer people with a casual "nah, dats cool."

Here are some of our all-time queer TikTok faves:

"Chicken and beef together?!" One of the greatest plot twists in the history of the app

"Ma'am, I'm Mexican"

"She said I had to try the bobbas this time...? And I think they're supposed to dissolve?"

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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