Paloma Diamond and Christine Baranski
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Gay Twitter Honors the Obscure and Iconic Women Who 'Saved' Their Lives

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 6 MIN.

We love a Twitter trend that just gets it: Gay icons are always out there. Celebrating the women who shaped our lives is something so important.

Who would we be without Christine Baranski's "Mamma Mia" character? Where would we be without that video of Fergie doing front-flips while performing on daytime television? Exactly! It's time we honor these icons. And that's what everyone's been doing on Twitter.

These are some of our favorite "Gay people are like 'she saved my life' and it's just___" tweets:

Literal mothers

"Try not to say mother" challenge is impossible when we remember these hardworking heroes.

Powerful women on screen

These characters raised us and saved us with their dedication to slaying at astronomical heights.

Reality TV saves lives

The cameraman who caught Parvati serving on "Survivor," the woman who Billy Eichner absolutely should have left alone at that crossing, the archeologists unearthing slayful ceramics from centuries ago... We thank them for their service to us.

Animated queens

They've rocked our world with their otherworldly aesthetics and commitment to turning looks.

Commercials from our childhood... the original celebs

These icons shaped our childhoods, and remain some of the most pioneering, unforgettable women of our time on earth. They showed us a brighter world... one where our clothes were altered to perfection, and our homes sparkled with Pine Sol freshness.

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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