Wrestler Chris is a 'Print' Model Who Has Us in an Instagram Chokehold

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 11 MIN.

Real friends come in many shapes and sizes. It looks like Chris and his chum Nils Tatum are sizing each other up for something athletic later. If they choose a contact sport, Chris should remind himself that the bigger they come the harder they fall.

Poolside is a great way to relax and soak up some sun. Chris looks completely at ease in his watery environment as he flirts with the camera. In recent years, diving boards have been slowly phased out due to safety concerns. But that doesn't mean you can't dive into the pools of Chris' beautiful naturally golden eyes.

Lifeguards supervise the safety of swimmers, and in this photo Chris seems geared up to save some. He might have his work cut out for him because we're sure many people will be drowning in his good looks alone, especially in that muscle shirt and those red short shorts. Although his top says Venice Beach, Caif., he's actually in Dubai where saving money, not swimmers, is probably more of a challenge.

Here's another budding friendship, this time with adult content creator Paul Cassidy, who Chris says is his trainer for the day. Chris is on rollerblades and looks amused by whatever Paul is showing him on the phone. Did you know rollerblading improves balance and flexibility? That might come in handy because Chris says they are doing cardio later which might include squats, planking, and maybe some work with a kettlebell. Whatever they decide to do, it will surely get our heart rate up.

Eating sweet, juicy grapes right off the vine is a fun way to have an afternoon snack. The animal kingdom has been doing it in the wild for ages. Wildlife that loves these sweet fruits include raccoons, birds, and deer. But can we talk about the giant elephant in the room?

by Timothy Rawles

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