Elton John Releases Distinctive Eyewear Collection

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday November 8, 2021
Originally published on November 5, 2021

Music legend Elton John has not one but four new eyewear design collections that, taken together, parallel his illustrious (and fashion-forward) career, Vanity Fair reports.

The article noted that the new line, called Elton John Eyewear, was "designed by John himself and created in collaboration with Sam's Club and Walmart," the article noted. The sprawling collection blends color, classic, and contemporary elements according to John's singular sensibilities and consists of four distinct collections: "The Foundations Collection, The Formative Years, Then Working Musician and The Master Collection." In a sense, it's a biography by way of eyewear fashion.

The Foundation Collection pieces include "a signature temple tip silhouette with 'E' Star mark and Elton John iconic star brand detailing," including "vibrant color attributes, elevated metals and stones," a Walmart news release explained.

Two Capsule Collections — also Sam's Club exclusives — will take fans and fashion lovers deep into John's "musical journey," the release related.

" 'The Formative Years' (Capsule I), represents Elton's childhood and time as a student in music, so the eyewear reflects its most classic and conventional looks," the release detailed.

" 'The Working Musician' (Capsule II) continues the story, showcasing the time when Elton John discovers Rock and Roll is his true calling," the release added. And the journey doesn't end there; far from it. "Currently, five Capsule Collections are planned."

The two Capsule Collections boast pieces that showcase tinted lenses, like the "Elton John Sunglasses," a striking marriage of John's aesthetic and the signature look of another iconic pop music legend: The wire frames that enclose the pink lenses "are a unique take on the Lennon-esque silhouette, featuring oval frames with a double bridge design," Variety detailed.

Other designs are all about the frames, as with the "Kenneth Eyewear" glasses, which pop with a "Cream Soda Red" frames, and the equally distinctive "Bebop Eyewear" glasses, which blend a commanding red hue with a tortoiseshell design.

Other designs prove you can have it all, such as the "Crystal Pink" glasses, which set strikingly blue, outsized lenses into wide, pale pink frames.

But the star of the new line's show is the high-end "Master's Collection." The release detailed that this Sam's Club exclusive is drawn "from Elton's personal collection" and "will recreate and reissue his most iconic looks with 'collector" frames,' each of them "signed, numbered and sold in limited quantities, with retails starting at $350."

The pop icon himself weighed in, explaining that his new eyewear line "celebrates confidence, self-expression and authenticity.

"The line is designed to have something for everyone, so no matter who you are, you can always look yourself," John added. "It's not just about glasses, it's about changing the way people see themselves."

It's also about giving back and making a difference. "Walmart Inc. will donate a minimum of $1 million annually from the Elton John Eyewear collection to support the Elton John AIDS Foundation to increase HIV education and awareness and encourage individuals to take the first steps toward a healthier future," the news release said.

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