Gay Leather Bar Deletes Pic of GOP Ex-Congressman Aaron Schock after Twitter Outrage

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Tuesday August 23, 2022

Former GOP congressman Aaron Schock, whose six years in office bristled with anti-LGBTQ+ votes and who came out as gay after resigning following a scandal involving misappropriated public funds, showed up in a post from a New York City gay leather bar, and gay Twitter erupted, according to Comic Sands.

Earlier this month, the bar The Eagle posted a pic of a shirtless Schock posing with two other bare-chested men on Instagram.

"The Eagle deleted the photograph following heavy backlash and while it is possible whoever posted the photograph to the bar's social media page didn't recognize Schock, the picture was up long enough for screenshots to be taken and for it to circulate online before it was officially removed," Comic Sands recounted.

"It's pathetic how low the gay community will go for a guy with abs," one Twitter user posted.

Have a look at some of the other comments Twitter users posted.

Some sought to make the gaffe into a moment of self-reflection.

Others... did not.

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