Watch: Oakland A's Catcher Sean Murphy Leads With His Butt in Hall-of-Fame Move

Monday April 18, 2022
Originally published on April 13, 2022

There was a big butt play at home plate last night in a game between the Oakland A's and the Tampa Bay Rays.

And today it's Oakland A's catcher Sean Murphy who's trending, but not for a play on the field or some clutch hitting.

No, it's his butt that has gone viral.

While Murphy was at-bat, pitcher Chris Mazza delivered his first pitch and appeared to lose his grip, according to the website Athletic Nation.

It was a bad pitch that missed the strike zone entirely and instead landed right on Murphy's behind.

"Surely Murphy could have gotten out of the way of that pitch if he'd wanted, but instead he stuck out his booty to earn himself a free base," said Athletic Nation>. And it was still a close call, requiring every bit of the catcher's ample buns to clip the baseball. Good thing he didn't skip leg day this spring."

He didn't score on his walk, but later in the game, in which the A's trounced Tampa Bay 13 - 2, Murphy "hit the first triple of his MLB career, but it was his juicy double that stole the show," Athletic Nation added.

Even his teammate Tony Kemp took notice.

And Ron Washington, third base coach for the Atlanta Braves, butted in boasting his own booty.

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