Aaron Schock Says He's Not Running for Congress...for Now

by Sam Cronin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday June 17, 2019

Aaron Schock, former Republican Congressman from Illinois, has confirmed he will not be launching a political campaign for his old seat right now.

Schock, having resigned from office in 2015 after myriad corruption allegations, was rumored to run again this year.

Despite a new Federal Election Commission filing however, the Republican squashed the rumors and confirmed that he will not be seeking another term. Schock told that the new filing "simply changed the treasurer (position on the account) back to me."

According to the Journal Star: "FEC documents confirm the previous treasurer had been listed as Paul Kilgore. Schock has kept his 'Schock for Congress' campaign account active since his resignation in March 2015 and paid a series of legal bills out of it during a protracted investigation into his spending by federal prosecutors..." But recently, "The account's funds and activity have dwindled."

Schock has made headlines this year after agreeing to repay tens of thousands of dollars in taxes and to campaign committees in exchange for prosecutors dismissing his felony corruption case. In March, he teased another go at politics.

He also made news for when he was spotted partying with a number of shirtless hunks at the Coachella Music Festival. After a backlash, a couple who appeared with Schock, who has stood against LGBTQ rights in the past, in the pics apologized for associating with him.

Last month, a gay blogger said he was temporarily banned from Twitter for "harassment" when he shared a story about nude photos alleging to be Schock.

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