Watch: George Santos Beams When Asked about 'Drag Race'

Wednesday February 1, 2023

George Santos responds to a question in the halls of Congress
George Santos responds to a question in the halls of Congress  (Source:TikTok)

What made George Santos light up in the halls of Congress?

The beleaguered Congressman has been dodging reporters' questions for weeks now since it's been revealed that he has fabricated much of his resume and events in his life, including (at least initially) being a drag queen in Brazil with the name Kitara Ravache. Reports emerged that he entered the Miss Rio De Janeiro contest in 2008.

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On Tuesday TikTok user vvertuccio caught up with Santos and asked a question that made Santos brim with a surprised smile. "Who do you think is going to win Drag Race this season?"

"I have not watched this season of Drag Race," he responded. But indicated he has watched previous seasons. "I said THIS season, I haven't watched yet."

"Although he appeared relaxed in the halls of the Capitol, there are many who feel his days in office may be numbered following a string of scandals that have upended his weeks-long career," the Daily Mail said.

George Santos as Kitara Ravache
George Santos as Kitara Ravache  

"A Brazilian drag queen named Eula Rochard told independent journalist Marisa Kabas that she was the other person in the photo and named Santos, now 34, as her friend alongside her," the Mail added.

"Rochard described Santos as having an 'outgrown sense of grandeur' and said he lied frequently, in an interview with NBC News. The congressman has slammed the claims as 'false' and alleged that the media is chasing 'outrageous' stories about him."