Meet Tomy: The Shirtless French Fisherman Trending on Twitter

Saturday January 9, 2021

Tomy, the French fisherman now a Twitter sensation
Tomy, the French fisherman now a Twitter sensation  (Source:Twitter)

A holiday news report by a French newspaper has turned its subject into a Twitter sensation.

He's Tomy, a scallops fisherman from the Brittany port of Saint-Malo, who in a report posted on France2TV explained his method of artisanal scallop fishing, which is pretty much by hand with oxygen cylinder on his back, writes the French website TÊTU.

"The sustainable fisherman explained he dives with an oxygen tank to select the scallops he wants, without using nets or other mass-fishing instruments, in order to be more sustainable," writes the Daily Mail.

But what has made Tomy the poster boy for green scallop fishing is that, for no explicable reason, he appears bare-chested in the first part of the video upon returning from a haul.

"When asked how he could be shirtless at 8am, working in a warehouse when it was 8 degrees celsius outside, Tomy shrugged and said, in French: 'Well I don't really have a choice, I spend most of the day arms in the water, up to the shoulders,"adds the Daily Mail.

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