Hate Group Leader Hopes Trump Will Enact Putin-Style Anti-Gay Laws If Elected

Thursday September 22, 2016

It's time to get a bigger basket for those deplorables.

The idea of a Donald Trump presidency thrills anti-LGBT hate group leader and crimes against humanity defendant Scott Lively to no end. The failed Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate has expressed hope that once in office, the billionaire candidate will enact Putin-style anti-gay laws in the United States.

"Frankly, if Trump wins in November, then he could turn out to be like Putin in Russia and push back Marxism like Putin did and invite the church to come back in and guide the culture, like Putin did," Lively said. "He delegates, that's his way of governing and his way of doing business and I think he is going to delegate to the church the task of shaping the culture."

"The culture war has always been a battle between cultural Marxists and Christians, always, especially homosexuals among the cultural Marxists," Lively continued, "and [Trump is] pushing the cultural Marxists back and that's his primary target, political correctness, you know, the whole slate of the hard left agenda, he's just pushing back."

Lively's comments came during an interview with fellow anti-LGBT activist Mike Heath of MaineResistance. He has called the passage of anti-LGBT laws "one of the proudest achievements of my career."

"I wish we would be able to duplicate that all over the world," Lively said of passing Russian-style anti-gay laws. "That would really solve the problem."

Lively is currently being sued by LGBT civil rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) in U.S. federal court for his alleged part in shaping the African nation's "kill the gays" bill. He is being represented in court by Mat Staver, founder of the anti-LGBT hate group Liberty Counsel. Staver was also Kim Davis' lawyer.

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