Watch: Queer Singer Jayse Vegas is 'Born Again' in Sexy Video

Saturday November 7, 2020

Jayse Vegas in a screenshot from his video "Born Again"
Jayse Vegas in a screenshot from his video "Born Again"  (Source:YouTube)

Like many, queer singer Jayse Vegas spent the past few months looking inward.

This has resulted in the NYC-based, 25-year old independent artist releasing a new single, "Born Again," which Cliché Mag describes as "an honest representation" of him "stepping into a new phase in life."

In the sexy video, the lean, tatted Vegas is seen in what appears to be an empty factory in a pair of jeans and a straight jacket. As the video continues, he strips down to just a jockstrap and straight jacket while wearing a headpiece made of lit candles.

Jayse describes the inspiration behind the video by saying, "During the beginning months of the pandemic I spent a good amount of time alone. It was an experience like I've never had before. Similar to things I've felt in the past, but more optimistic and accepting, this moment in my life is me leaving one phase behind and stepping into a whole new world.

"This experience has made me feel empowered, as I've discovered new ways to trust and believe in myself. I'm hoping to channel those emotions through the music video. No grand storyline, just lyrics and vulnerability. Oh, and sex appeal."

On the video, Queerty reports, Jayse Vegas collaborated with Drag Race alum for Aja. Beyond its sexy visuals, "the song also pays homage to the power of queerness, and the stupidity of judging people for how they present. As with all Vegas' work, expect plenty of yearning for same-sex love, and plenty of glitter."

Check out this thirst-traps from Vegas's Instagram:

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