Watch: Tracy Chapman Makes Rare TV Performance on Late Night

by Kevin Schattenkirk

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday November 3, 2020

Tracy Chapman performing "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution"
Tracy Chapman performing "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution"  (Source:Late Night with Seth Myers / YouTube)

In a rare televised appearance, Tracy Chapman performed "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution" last night on "Late Night With Seth Myers," NPR reports.

In recent years, the folk-rock legend hasn't made many appearances — her last being just over five years ago, performing "Stand By Me" on "The Late Show With David Letterman," as one of the final musical guests before the talk show host retired. As far as recorded work goes, Chapman hasn't released an album since "Our Bright Future" in 2008 — as fine a collection as any among her eight-album catalogue. So when Chapman's appearance was first announced Monday afternoon, anticipation ran high and led to coverage on Tuesday by outlets as varied as Rolling Stone, Billboard, CNN and more.

"Talkin' 'bout a Revolution" opens Chapman's critically acclaimed 1988 debut and was released as the second single behind "Fast Car," both of which are among the artist's signature songs. "Don't you know, they're talking about a revolution; it sound like a whisper... finally the tables are starting to turn," certainly reflects a re-energized Democratic base in this year's election cycle to oust President Trump and an administration that has, among other outrageous things, repeatedly capitalized on divisive politics and waged war, for all practical purposes, against blue-leaning voters. The song has also been covered by African-American rock band Living Colour.

Though Chapman's appearance on the Myers talk show was to get out the vote, it will undoubtedly leave fans wondering if we can expect more from the artist in the immediate future. Hopefully, we can.

Watch Chapman's performance last night:

And in 2015 on "The Late Show With David Letterman":

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