Meet Stallion Fabio: France's Leading Gay Adult Star Does it his Own Way

Monday July 4, 2022
Originally published on June 25, 2022

Stallion Fabio
Stallion Fabio   (Source:Instagram)

Some of the leading adult male stars rear from abroad: Tim Kruger from Germany, Darius Ferdynand from Hungary, Columbian Angel Cruz; Italy's Gianni Maggio, to name a few. Now a model from France is having his moment. Stallion Fabio has established himself at the top of OnlyFans in France, writes the French website tê Though a late-starter in the business, he recently was awarded "Best performer on fan sites" at the Grabby Awards Europe.

Beyond his social media presence, Fabio works as a communication officer during the week. "I could clearly live on OnlyFans and not work on the side..." "But you never know, it could stop overnight so I'm pretty lucid about it. , keeping my main job gives me stability. I like having these two universes, I would be afraid of losing myself doing only porn."

Fabio is from the Paris area where he studied foreign languages and multimedia communication. In 2017 he moved to Montpellier, then in 2019 on a friend's advice, he joined OnlyFans. "I've always had this attraction for photos and videos," he told e tê His communications studies proved useful when he began posting on social media."You must first make yourself known on Twitter and Instagram if you want to hope to break into this environment," he says.

He also acknowledged he turned to porn because he loves sex and wants to present as sex-positive image. "I'm not the most libidinous either, I'm not the type to have big orgies or to fuck constantly, he says. But I've always shown great sexual openness. I find that we would benefit from making sex much less taboo but also from legislating on the issue of sex workers."

It wasn't surprising that adult male studios reached out to Fabio after he established himself on OnlyFans.  Both major companies such as Tim Tales or reached out, but Fabio chose "to try his hand" with smaller studios. Like the French production company Menoboy, based in Montpellier. By chance, he met a producer from the company at a gym. he met "by chance at the gym. The shoot proved successful and he plans to repeat it.  

He also spoke of the support of his husband, whom he has been with since he was 16 and have been a relationship for 10 years. He said he approached his husband, with whom he already had an open relationship, about him filming adult male sex. "We manage to separate the sex from the feelings and the professional side of everyday life."

Fabio is also open with his family. "Since I often go on the move, I wanted my family to know what I was doing, he explains. They accepted it very well. They just want it not to impact me too much in daily life." He did, though, want to keep the content from his co-workers, but it leaked anyway. "Gays in my company saw my content and showed it to other employees, he sighs. But my manager handled this story very well."

He has been asked to make personal appearances at clubs, but declined. "I like to make my videos in my privacy or with a small team. But live, in contact with people, I would feel less comfortable and I always refused." 

As for his future? "I try to make things evolve at my own pace, quite quietly. I feel like I still have a lot of things to explore in this environment. What is certain is that I want to keep this amateur side to make my videos with whom I want, when I want, in the way I want."

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