Joseph Baena Wants to Follow in Dad's Footsteps, But With His Own Name

Wednesday February 2, 2022
Originally published on January 28, 2022

Joseph Baena
Joseph Baena  (Source:Instagram)

Joseph Baena may be a ringer for his famous father and want to follow in his footsteps in action movies, but don't expect him to take his name. 24-year-old Baena spoke to Inside Edition this week saying that he has no plans to take the last name of his famous dad Arnold Schwarzenegger, despite being his young doppelgänger.

"Well I already have a last name, and I don't have a problem with my last name. I like my last name," he said.

Baena, who is a realtor as well as an actor, is the son Schwarzenegger had with his family housekeeper Mildred Baena while California governor and married to Maria Shriver.

Despite his controversial lineage, he has nothing but praise for his parents. "My mom is one of my main motivators, and seeing her and how she works so hard, I want to make her proud," he explained.

"Same with my father. What he made of himself from nothing. I mean, both of my parents are immigrants that kind of created something out of nothing. So, seeing them, it's been a huge inspiration, and I want to make them proud. I want to make myself proud."

No doubt his resemblance with his famous body-building dad comes from Baena's intensive workout regimen. "Just like Arnold, Joseph has immersed himself in the world of bodybuilding and has garnered attention online for having a near-identical physique to the 'Predator' star," the Daily Mail said.

Inside Edition traveled with Baena to Muscle Beach in Venice, CA where Arnold famously launched his bodybuilding career.

"So much history. Nothing beats this place because of the energy and community," he remarked.

"Do you feel like you have big shoes to fill?" asked Inside Edition, to which Baena replied: "Literally we have the same shoe size. My career path is just my own."

Asked if he will star with his famous dad in a future action movie, Baena answered: "He's the boss. You have to ask him. He's the boss."

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