Clueless in 2022? 'AJLT' Drops Tasteless Holocaust Joke...and Has a Stereotypical Gay Man Say It

by Robert Nesti

EDGE National Arts & Entertainment Editor

Friday January 28, 2022

Just when it seemed "And Just Like That" couldn't get worse, it dropped a Holocaust joke. And viewers were appalled.

The timing only made matters worse — the episode,"No Strings Attached," dropped on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

And making matters even worse, it insulted two marginalized communities.

"The scene in question sees Charlotte (Kristin Davis) welcoming Anthony (Mario Cantone) and his date Justin (Matthew Wilkas) for dinner at her home," the Independent said.

Charlotte introduces Anthony and Justin to her husband Harry (Evan Handler), asking her hubby to make drinks and to take the Challah out of the oven.

Justin then comments: "Is this a Jewish dinner? You know the Holocaust is a hoax, right?"

"Horrified at his comments, Anthony tells Justin to 'get out' while Harry and Charlotte appear equally shocked by the remark," added the Independent.

A Twitter user put it best quoting a line from Miranda from the episode.

The lead-up to the joke had Anthony saying that Justin was "intelligent and well read," which is completely contradicted by his bonehead remark.

The moment points out another instance where the "Sex and the City" reboot that claims to be so woke just falls back on the old tropes by which the show defined queer people during the show's first run.

But its use of stereotypes was also why so many LGBTQ+ people loved the show back in the day — it was, in its own way — a form of representation, even if satirical. As writer Louis Staples points out in Harper's Bazaar, what made the original so fascinating to unpack was its reliance upon stereotypes, which "is partly what made it so engaging. Perhaps surprisingly for a show with so many gay fans, which was created and written by two gay men (Darren Star and Michael Patrick King), reductive queer stereotypes were everywhere. Stanford Blatch and Anthony Marantino personified the "gay best friend" trope that once dominated TV and film. Both were immaculately dressed and could be relied upon for bitchy quips, but were rarely afforded much depth beyond embarrassing hookup stories. In the disastrous second movie, they got hitched at a wedding officiated by—you've guessed it!—Liza Minnelli."

With one joke, "AJLT" managed to insult two communities by making a bad joke and having it be expressed by a stereotypically hot gay airhead.

Ali Trachta in the weekly New York Times recap wrote: "There is precisely one thing living rent free in my head, which I actually want to evict: The moment when Anthony's new beau casually states that the Holocaust is a hoax within seconds of entering the Goldenblatt home. It's hard to imagine that fringe conspiracy theory would be 1) embraced by and 2) brought up by any member of a marginalized community in a Jewish home in the middle of Manhattan in 2022.

On Twitter, the joke was roundly slammed:

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