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Customer Refuses to Tip Lesbian Server for 'Not Loving Jesus'

Thursday Aug 10, 2017

A lesbian waitress at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Rockport, Ill. says she received a disrespectful note in lieu of a tip from a family she served, the Rock River Times reports.

Samantha Heaton served a family of five on August 5, making friendly conversation with them and taking their orders as usual. But when she picked up their $60.55 check, Heaton noticed the tip space was filled in -- with a note.

"Can't tip someone who doesn't love Jesus. Bad tatoo (sic)," the note read, referring to Heaton's rainbow-color LGBT pride equality symbol on her forearm.

Heaton, 20, explained to the Rock River Times that religion or her sexuality never came up in the times she spoke with the family.

"I went above and beyond for this couple, and for them to leave that (note) kind of hurt," Heaton told the newspaper. "Like, I have bills to pay, too."

Heaton's coworker Joelle Nicole Maish took a photo of the bill and Heaton's tattoo and shared it on Facebook.

"I would just like to say that being gay does NOT MEAN you don't believe in God or Jesus," Maish wrote. "And people who are 'religious' should not disrespect or act in such ways to other people. p.s., they spelled tattoo wrong."

Her post received nearly 470 shares, over 620 reactions and almost 200 comments.

"Someone asked me the other day if I would go back in time and get the same tattoo and I said, 'No I would get it bigger," she Heaton told the Rock River Times.

The waitress explained she wish she could have spoken with the family.

"I do believe in Jesus and God. I myself am a Christian," she said. "And, as a Christian, thou shall not judge. No matter how someone looks, you should love them for what's in their heart and how they treat you-not for what is on the outside."

"As someone who came out when it was still a battle for the LGBTQ community, that's just plain rude and uncalled for," she told the newspaper. "What if one day their kids grow up and want to be with the same sex, are they going to disown them? Throw them on the street?"


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