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Failed HGTV Hosts the Benham Brothers Take Aim at Drag Queens, Prosthetic Penises & Porn in Op-Ed

Friday Jan 5, 2018

Failed HGTV hosts and ultra anti-gay conservatives the Benham brothers are kicking off 2018 with their usual tricks.

The twin brothers wrote an op-ed piece for World News Daily that targets drag queens reading to children, prosthetic penises and porn. Of course, they linked passages from the Bible - the book of Revelation to be exact - to what they are calling a "radical sexual revolution" that is "forcing its agenda on the entire world today, in addition to all the recent exposure of sexual misconduct throughout society among the elites."

In Jason and David Benham's piece, called "'Great harlot' in Revelation is perverting world," the brothers add: "It seems as if there's no sphere of culture or civil society that has not been affected by this immoral 'spirit of the age.' "

The brothers, whose HGTV show was nixed after anti-gay comments they made surfaced in 2014, attempt to prove their point, they wrote:

Just look around. We now have websites, like "TransKids," selling prosthetic penises for young "trans" girls to wear between their legs. You can buy them in small, medium or large.

We have drag-queens dressed as demons reading to our children in public libraries.

We have gender unicorns teaching our kids to question their gender and sexuality by asking themselves, "Who do I go to be with?" and "Who do I go to bed as?"

The twins go on to claim porn is harming society, writing "there's the unbreakable link between pornography and human trafficking, which is today's global slavery. Studies reveal that the sale of humans is growing faster than both the drug and weapons industries with the average victim between the ages of 12-14."

They also freak out over the claim that in 2016 "4,599,000,000 hours of porn were viewed, which breaks down to 191,625,000 days of porn consumed - in one year!"

"The 'great harlot' in Revelation 17 is perverting and polluting the earth," they write.

Read their full piece by clicking here.


  • cozmo cozmo, 2018-01-17 02:53:19

    Why are we giving these two backward freaks attention. They are steal hurt about not getting their own show.

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