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Daughter of Bulleit Bourbon Founder Accuses Family of Homophobia, Being Pushed Out of Business

Wednesday Aug 2, 2017

The daughter of the founder of Bulleit Bourbon took to Facebook over the weekend and put her family and their business on blast, accusing them of homophobia.

In a lengthy post, Hollis Bulleit, the daughter of Tom Bulleit, explains her experience over the last decade of being edged out of the family and its business because she's in love with a woman. In January, Hollis claims she was completely pushed out of her family's business.

"Since Cher and I have been together she has been excluded from 'the family business' from the start," she writes. "When my step-grandmother passed, I got a text. In 2008, I was asked to come home for Christmas; yet Cher was not invited. The only holiday that we attended was Thanksgiving in 2016, and then we were promptly uninvited via text from the following core family Christmas."

She then goes on to explain how the alleged homophobia is infused with her income.

"Because family was business and intertwined with a global corporation, I find it odd that I did not benefit from the departments and safeguards that are put into place to either intervene or provide mediation or educational diversity training as would be the expected protocol for employees in this type of situation,"she writes. "In light of my experience, I do not understand how the company I worked for is on many of the top 10/ 50/ 100 'best places' for LGBTQIA employees to work."

Hollis' post has been shared nearly 200 times. Since being posted Sunday, she commented on her message's reception. Find the posts below.


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