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Pro Wrestler Anthony Bowens on Coming Out: Happy to Be Himself

by Steve Duffy
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Oct 10, 2017

Pro wrestler Anthony Bowens has been in the news lately after he was unintentionally outed as bisexual earlier this year. Since then the 26-year old, who is also a fitness model & actor, has addressed the issues surrounding his coming out. EDGE spoke to Bowens recently about his professional & personal life.

Earlier this year Anthony Bowens' boyfriend unintentionally outed the pro wrestler. It happened when Michael Pavano uploaded a video to YouTube where he identified Bowens as his "boyfriend." Up to the point the 26 year-old was afraid of revealing his bisexuality to the world while working in professional wrestling.

"Understandably, being openly bisexual could be perceived as a problem," he wrote in a post to Outsports. "It's what kept me closeted to all but a few from the time I started wrestling as a pro five years ago. It took a Youtube video to make me see that coming out was not going to be the problem I thought it would be."

EDGE spoke to Bowens, who is also an actor and fitness model who signed with BMG Models, about his wrestling career and his coming out.

Why wrestling?

EDGE: How did you get involved in wrestling?

Anthony Bowens: I was always a fan while growing up. I was really obsessed with it by time I was seven. I played baseball my entire life and even while in college, then I had to stop because of tendonitis. While in college, I made a wrestling video for fun with some friends and we received a lot of good feedback was good. And because of that, I started looking into -- i.e. schools and formal training. One day at the gym, I bumped into WWE wrestler Santino Marella and he asked if I wrestled. It was fate, because after that meeting things started happening for me.

EDGE: Why did you decide to officially come out?

Anthony Bowens: The first time I came out was on Facebook back in January of 2014. I wanted to make sure the message was mine and not someone else. It was at a game night with friends. After I posted the message, I turned my phone off because I was scared of what the feedback was going to be. When I finally turned it back on, my FB was flooded with so much positivity I couldn't believe it. At the time, I wanted to thank my boyfriend (Michael Pavano) for putting up with me and helping me keep my secret. The second time, I came out was after a writer from Outsports saw my post. The thing that caused me the most fear and stress turned out to be the biggest positive experience for me.

Being bisexual

EDGE: For you, what does it mean to be bisexual?

Anthony Bowens: It turns out the only negative comments that I received were about being bisexual. Most of the people were arguing over what the definition of being bisexual is. I believe you can have a sexual attraction to either male or female. Now one should be telling you who or what you are. I am attractive to both male and female.

EDGE: Is coming out as bisexual more difficult than coming out as gay?

Anthony Bowens: Honestly, I really didn't think there was a difference. Whether I came out as gay or bi I would hope that people would like me anyways. I am just happy that I can be my true self.

EDGE: Have you faced any backlash within the world of wrestling?

Anthony Bowens: No, everything has been very positive. I believe that respect me for being who I am.

EDGE: Were you ready to give up your wrestling career if your coming out wasn't accepted?

Anthony Bowens: No, absolutely not! I would have faced any roadblock and fought through it. I'm a fighter and I'm always ready to face any challenges that life throws at me.

Cleaning up his diet

EDGE: What's your diet and exercise routine consist of?

Anthony Bowens: My diet is my weakness. I am trying to clean it up and eat more of a clean diet. I try to keep it to salads, chickens and brown rice; however, I do love brownies and ice cream. As for exercise, I work out about 5 to 6 times a week. I do a lot of weight lifting and always end each session with high intensity cardio.

EDGE: What is your signature move?

Anthony Bowens: It's very simple move. I hit the ropes and then knee them in the face. The move is called the "Bowen Boom." It was named that because during one of my earlier matches the announcer forgot the name and just called it that.

EDGE: What wrestling organization do you belong to?

Anthony Bowens: Right now, I do freelance work. The main company I wrestle with is Wrestle Pro based out of New Jersey. I have performed some uncontracted work for the WWE and Global Force Wrestling. My dream and what I am working towards is becoming a contracted wrestler with the WWE.

EDGE: If you could wrestle any classic 90s wrestler, who would it be?

Anthony Bowens: Shawn Michaels. For me, he is considered one of the best wrestlers in the world. It would be an honor and privilege to wrestle him. I think we would have one hell of a match.

You can follow Anthony via Twitter and Instagram at @Bowens_Official


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