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Watch: The Beatrice Inn's Chef Angie Mar

Watch: The Beatrice Inn's Chef Angie Mar

Dec 4
Angie Mar talks about her late start in the world of culinary arts, the work that went into becoming one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs of 2017.

Celeb Chef Marcus Samuelson Opens Newark Restaurant

Nov 20
Chef Marcus Samuelsson launched a new restaurant in downtown Newark, New Jersey, on Friday, called Marcus B&P.

Haiti Chefs Carving Out Higher Profile for Country's Cuisine

By David McFadden | May 23
Haitian cuisine is a spicy confluence of French, Spanish, African and Amerindian cooking traditions that blends indigenous ingredients with a variety of cooking techniques, crusted baguettes and flaky pastries.

Netflix Serves Up First Documentary Series: Chef's Table

Apr 23
Chef Niki Nakayama is one of just six chefs to be profiled on Netflix's first homegrown documentary series, "Chef's Table," which features some of the most innovative chefs cooking today.

Q&A With Culinary Cutie Curtis Stone

By Christine Armario | Mar 10
A conversation with celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

A Conversation With Chef Marcus Samuelsson

By Kelli Kennedy | Feb 27
Growing up in Sweden, chef Marcus Samuelsson learned many lessons that would follow him into the kitchen as an adult. But the one that may have stuck with him the most came from his father.

Gordon Ramsay Goes Hog Wild in Las Vegas

By EDGE | Mar 4
Continuing to elevate the traditional burger experience, Gordon Ramsay BurGR leads the way by introducing its newest and most unique culinary creation: The Hog Burger featuring Mangalitsa pork.

Cecelia Chiang: The Root of Chinese Food in the U.S.

By Suzette Laboy | Feb 27
Cecilia Chiang is credited with introducing Americans to the taste of authentic Chinese food, though that wasn’t her initial plan. The 94-year-old is the subject of a new documentary film, "Soul of a Banquet."

Ben Ford Wants a Return to the Routines of Cooking

By J.M. Hirsch | Feb 24
His father’s Hollywood career may have moved at light speed, but chef Ben Ford - yes, son of Harrison Ford - knew early on that making his mark in the culinary world would require that he slow down.

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli on TV’s Shelf-Life

By Suzette Laboy | Feb 22
Food Network chef Alex Guarnaschelli has a reality check for her peers trying to balance their roles as both chefs and television personalities: It’s a lifestyle that comes with an expiration date.

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