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Getting a beautiful back :: the ’Back Facial’

by Mike Diamond
Tuesday Aug 19, 2008

Summertime has its share of season specific grooming requirements. At the top of the list are pedicures (to keep the feet pretty) and sunblock (for those long lazy days at the beach). It's often too easy to overlook certain areas of course, especially one's back- after all, "out of sight, out of mind."

Overlooking your back is a big mistake though; although it may not be easy to tend to yourself (no matter how much yoga I do, there are just certain places I am not limber enough to reach!), this area is just as prone to summers harshest elements- sun, sweat, pollution- as the rest of the body.

And it deserves to be taken care of just as well.

Perhaps you keep your chest in prime condition, but if you find that you overlook your torso's flip side, and it's been a while since you did anything about it, it might be time for a "back facial."

Exactly what it sounds like, this treatment takes care of all your skins' needs... around back. And while I went to the fabulous Graceful Services spa in NY, most good spas in major metropolitan areas offer facials for the back.

The Back Facial from Graceful Services spa is a combination massage, cleansing and rejuvenation for your back. This one-hour treatment leaves your skin clean, smooth and refreshed.

To start with, I relaxed quickly in one of the spa's several dimly lit treatment areas. Now honey, I've been face down in dark rooms before, but it was never quite like this! My esthetician worked confidently and quietly; the treatment began with a strong yet gentle massage to my upper back and shoulders, followed by a gentle 'cool' steaming to open up the pores. I could feel my tensions melt away as I drifted along with the soft music playing.

An invigorating scrub was next, which both exfoliates the dead skin cells and improves circulation to the area. 'Extractions' followed, and honestly, this part hurt! Not in the 'oh my god I can't take it' way, but more like 'let me close my eyes and think about The Golden Girls to distract myself.' The next step in the Back Facial was the application of a cooling mask, from China, which contained botanical extracts and ingredients including watermelon, ginseng, milk and orange. Delicious! A soothing moisturizing lotion was the final element, and I was good to go!

The Back Facial is a unique, helpful and relaxing treatment to keep your posterior torso looking summertime pretty. After having my back made so fresh and smooth, I plan to spend as much possible shirtless and face down... to show it off, of course!

Back Facial- $80

Graceful Services
1097 2nd avenue at 57th street

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