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New Poll: Nearly 1 Out of 4 Straight Men Say They Watch Gay Porn, Had Same-Sex Experience

Monday Mar 5, 2018

A new poll suggest that nearly one out of every four straight men have watched gay porn.

According to the report from, the poll found 24% of men who identify as heterosexual admitted to watching gay porn. That number is a bit higher when compared to their female counterparts: 39% of straight women say they've watched lesbian porn.

The report also finds that nearly one out of every four straight men has had same-sex experiences. The poll says 24% of men identifying as heterosexual had relations with another man, and that 36% of women who responded to the survey had same-sex experiences.

Another interesting tidbit from the poll found that 60% of men surveyed and 36% of women surveyed said their taste in porn is the same as it was five years ago.

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