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NYC Vegan Weekend on a Budget

Friday Jun 3, 2011

A new short video, "NYC Vegan Weekend on a Budget," explores some cheap and yummy vegan eats throughout the Big Apple - as well as cheap (or free!) cultural happenings around town, creating a perfect New York City vegan weekend on a budget.

Did you know that the $2.50 falafel at Mamoun's in the West Village is the best one on the planet?

Or that Foodswings vegan fast food joint in Williamsburg has a not-to-be-missed butterfinger shake?

Or that the all-vegan bar, Pine Box Rock Shop, in Bushwick has $3 drink specials, and even has vegan versions of traditional drinks, like a Soy White Russian?

Have you ever experienced culture and art in NYC for no cost, like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (free on Saturday mornings) or the Museum of Modern Art (free on Friday nights)?

All of this is featured in a new six-minute video, which was made by Jasmin Singer, for the animal rights organization that she co-founded, Our Hen House ( ) along with VegNews TV ( ).

Here’s that link to the video:


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