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EDGE publishes news and entertainment information targeted to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community. We are a rapidly-growing company offering benefits for full-time workers and a fun, diverse corporate climate.

The position of News Writers is a Part-Time position.
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You bet: You may be a polished journalist or you may be completely new to it. Nevertheless, you’re a talented writer, seriously ambitious, unafraid of the cold call, and somebody who knows the difference between a snow job and the truth when you hear it. You’re interested in all things that make up our fascinating lifestyle; you’re intuitive, a fast learner, and you’re driven by curiosity. You like EDGE, you like the fact that we look like an online version of a glossy Cond Nast publication (and you know what a Cond Nast publication is). You’d really enjoy having that prestigious "EDGE contributor" byline beneath your name, you’d relish the opportunity to work with professional editors, and you’d get totally off seeing your articles appear in a venue that has over a quarter million regular viewers and well over a million hits a month. Finally, you’re reliable and you believe in deadlines with all your heart.

Are you right for us?

Write for us.

Send a resume and cover letter to careers@edgemedianetwork.com - no calls please


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To apply, send your resume and cover letter to careers@edgemedianetwork.com. Please reference job code 000045. NO CALLS PLEASE.

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