Honeymoon Destinations :: Crossing the Threshold

by Joel Martens
Sunday Sep 29, 2013

The wait is over... At least in some of the great states in this land. A part of the battle has been put to rest finally, and hopefully the list will continue to grow. We aren't finished, there is much work to do in order to achieve the privilege of marriage and equality, here and everywhere else for that matter.

But that is a discussion for another article and another time. We are here to celebrate this victory, to enjoy the grand possibility of those long-awaited nuptial traditions we have achieved. So let's walk down those aisles, taking that ceremonial journey, and enjoy the acknowledgement the celebration brings. Share the hard-won victory with friends and family and enjoy finally, the legal status that comes with that short sojourn.

The best part? After the vows have been exchanged, the cake cut and the reception is over... the honeymoon!



I can't think of a more romantic place to visit than France, the country that celebrates love and takes seriously the rituals that surround it. Food, wine, music, the art and history; the sheer beauty that wraps the country in endless sensory delights.

France passed gay marriage this year, so there's no better place to celebrate the institution. Paris is the obvious choice with its thriving gay Marais, part of a scene the keeps the city's pulse racing - just like the lovers who come to partake in its glory.

"Travel and Leisure" recommends the intimate Hotel de Nell, in the Ninth Arrondissement on a quiet street near Montmartre. This newcomer to the Design Hotels collection features "intimate spaces trimmed in exclusive décor with the sole objective of enhancing your well-being." Sounds heavenly.

Need to step away from the intensity that is Paris? Make the trip down to the hub city of the French Riviera - Nice. Plunging Mediterranean cliffs that end in the bluest waters you will ever see. Take a dive with your new spouse - goodness knows, you should probably cool down for just a second!


Spain became the third country to legalize gay marriage back in 2005, and its rich history is resplendent with LGBT acceptance. Madrid and Barcelona are two of the best choices for urban honeymooners, with their large LGBT communities, endless clubs and culture to tempt even the most romantically-verbose, exhausted newlyweds - I mean really, get out of that room, the architecture alone should be enough to tempt you.

Gaudí's La Sagrada Familia reaches for Barcelona's sky in all its bio-morphic, art nouveau, modernist glory, just one of the sites in this unique landscape. Another Travel and Leisure recommendation: The warm and modernist Hotel Omm is in the fashionable Paseo de Gràcia district, with a rooftop pool offering aforementioned Gaudíesque views galore.

For a little beachside delight head down to the coastal town of Sitges, which according to John Clifford, president of International Travel Management, "ranks number one for gay travelers in Spain for its mix of culture, great dining, clubs and art."

Consider sister-nation Portugal as well for a more laid-back retreat, with its sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and half the foot-traffic of other more popular European countries.


One of my favorite wines comes from this country's Mendoza region: The bold and hearty Malbec varietal.

Argentina approved same-sex marriage in 2010, and according to all reports the capitol Buenos Aires is extremely gay-friendly.

Delightful cafés, sensuous dining and quaint shopping, so have a steak, sip some of that earthy Malbec and make goo-goo eyes across a San Telmo café table. Highly recommended by is the Hotel Madero located in the heart of Puerto Madero, due to its luxuriousness and proximity, allowing honeymooners short romantic strolls to food. Lord only knows after all that "bedside lounging," you're going to need to eat.

According to MRNY Style & Travel founder Mark Thompson, once you do finally come out of your hotel room, make sure to make your way to Iguazu Falls for a few days. "As Eleanor Roosevelt said upon first glimpsing Iguazu, 'Oh, poor Niagara.' "

Thompson recommends the Posada Puerto Bemberg Hotel for a romantic retreat with a spectacular views.

And make sure to take a tango lesson while in Argentina. It's the ultimate place to learn the other dance all about love and passion.


A liberal island in the African continent, whose other parts are largely known for some terrifying hostility, South Africa is the only to have anti-discrimination policies and to recognize gay marriage.

Majesty awaits with the country's high plateaus, which make up its interior landscape, surrounded by mountain ranges, rising abruptly before the drop into the sea - the Indian Ocean to the east and the South Atlantic to the west. There is something for everyone, penguin watching, tours in Stellenbosch wine country, wild-game safaris in the many reserves and the warm sandy beaches.

Cape Town is the best-known and gayest city, with many options for gay honeymooners in which to delight. Colin Cowe, the wedding planner extraordinaire suggests the Twelve Apostles hotel, which as billed on thier site, "sits and the edge of the world."

Consider exploring South Africa in style: Guided tours with an extraordinary level of service can be enjoyed with Micato Safaris.


This tiny island is quite literally off the charts for most, though it's just a short two-and-a-half hour trip from Miami. A wonderfully well-kept secret, Curaçao is known for its more than 30 white-sand beaches, pristine coral reefs, scuba diving and quaint history.

With its "Live and Let Live" culture and the country's acceptance of unions of all stripes, it's a safe honeymoon spot for LGBT travellers. Executive Director of the Curaçao Tourist Board put it this way: "It is important to us that it's known to the gay and lesbian community that everyone is welcome in Curaçao. Our island offers diverse culture, art galleries, beaches, museums, fine accommodations and exquisite cuisine that are enjoyed by all visitors to the island."

The Hotel Kura Hulanda Spa and Casino in Wilemstad comes highly recommended, with its meticulously restored 18th and 19th century Dutch Colonial Caribbean buildings, amongst which are spread several glorious courtyards, multiple pools, restaurants, a spa and fitness center. A member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, it features just 80 rooms in this historic, serene retreat.

Its sister property, The Lodge Kura Hulanda & Beach Club is also a honeymoon must-see, with its secluded, pristine white coral beach. Same website as above.

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