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Shara Strand Live! Remixed and Re-inspired

by JC Alvarez
Friday Jun 14, 2013

Singer/Songwriter Shara Strand has already earned a place as one of her generation's most talented voices in music. Her most recent album, 2012's "Born Tonight" released on D1 Music offered up a solid mix of adult-contemporary ballads and compositions that put the singer's best assets front and forward. Strand even tackled a cover of Rosanne Cash's "Seven Year Ache" that was re-imaged as a pop song.

Strand is now positioning herself to conquer the thriving nightlife and synch her way into a new genre, extending her reach into the clubs and moving her feet to the beat on the dance floor. Shara Strand is remixing her single "I Will Carry You" on the heals of the remixes of her premiere track "Jekyll Or Hyde."

"It's been a transformative year," Shara revealed. "I feel that I've embarked on a new departure." Though the dance market is not entirely foreign to the artist, she had been promoting "Born Tonight" on the strength of her exceptional vocals. "It started when I was on tour," she said. "I went to all these different places." Strand nationally toured bringing her songs to Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Vegas and Miami.

"There was something about performing my music for the first time - people were really with me, dancing and singing along - it was such a high. When I got home I really started pushing to redo the album." Perhaps it was a combination of things. Shara certainly put herself on the scene as a formidable singer/songwriter. Appearing on the D1 Music label, she had aligned herself with Peter McLean, who chose Strand to enhance the label's mystique and positioned the gifted artist as a distinctly unique musician and performer.

Carry On

Hailing from Staten Island, and raised in the Garden State of New Jersey, Strand developed a strong musical foundation studying musical theater at NYU. After the wonderful reception she received with "Born Tonight," she is now ready to show just how versatile she is. "It was a little scary for me at first, but in order for me to be a successful, contemporary artist, I need to be doing dance/pop," she concluded. "I had to realize that I could just be me - people were going to be OK with that."

The EDM/dance music genre has certainly been enjoying a mainstream commercial acceptance, and has allowed artists to experiment with electronic synth sounds, reprising the appeal of disco and reaching the international club scene. "I was excluding an audience," Strand recognized, "that could really appreciate my music remixed." To that effect, she put out the call and got more than over a dozen re-imaginings of her song "I Will Carry You."

To share in the tracks’ uplifting narrative, Shara Strand will be once again making the rounds of the national PRIDE festivals this season. "I couldn’t be more excited to be debuting my dance mixes." This will give her fans a taste of her new remixes, and a preview of what is yet to come. She revealed that diving into the dance genre, has whet her palette for some new material. "There’s a different feeling to writing dance music. It’s sometimes about escaping reality. People can lose themselves in a celebratory way."

And that’s exactly what Strand hopes her fans will get from the new remixes of "I Will Carry You." "You want people to connect with you. In order for that to happen you have to let go." Her intention is that the song will inspire a sense of pride, acceptance and celebration, one that she is definitely enjoying herself. "I’m in my sexy time. It’s very liberating!"

Catch Shara Strand live on Saturday, June 15 when she premieres her latest remix single at Splash in NYC located at 50 West 17th Street. Show time is at 1am and the main floor will be writhing to the beats provided by superstar DJ Steve Sidewalk.

Shara Strand’s 2012 EP Born Tonight is available for download. Her remixes to her debut single "Jekyll or Hyde" and the latest "I Will Carry You" are also now available on iTunes.

Shara Strand has also teamed up with the American Human Association to raise funds for the organization that protects children and animals everywhere. Follow link below and it will carry you to the "Make You Pet a Star" Photo Contest.

Follow the link here for more info.

Native New Yorker JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast and the nightlife chronicler of the club scene and its celebrity denizens from coast-to-coast. He is the on-air host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Out Loud & Live!" and is also on the panel of the local-access talk show "Talking About".


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