Getting Personal With Chris Harder

by Dan Avery
Tuesday Apr 13, 2010

He might have that "aw shucks" farm-boy look, but North Dakota native Chris "Go-Go" Harder has been making his mark on gay nightlife in his two years in New York. He's gone from cocktail boy and go-go dancer to party host at Posh, Crisis on Eighth Ave and the super-sexy Speakeasy parties thrown by his beau, Daniel Nardicio. "I cut my teeth go-go dancing at the Cock. It was a fairy-tale beginning, really," he jokes. Harder's current passion is burlesque-over the winter he started !Boylesque! at UC Lounge before taking his sword-swallowing posse over to Splash for their current Tuesday-night spectacular, Bawdville. We put Harder on the tightrope and got him to open up. -Dan Avery

Choose One: Telephone, Just Dance, Bad Romance, or Teeth

Just Dance - I used to listen to Gaga on my way to go-go gigs. Very white boy.

What secret sideshow skill do you possess?

Well...I can pull a string of pearls out of my keister-or a full orchestra, depending on the day.

What really pisses you off?


Who's your celebrity crush?

Alan Cumming

It's 8pm on a Friday. I'm probably...

Bathing, shaving or hot-gluing something to a jockstrap.

If your house were on fire, what three things would you save?

Sewing machine, motorcycle jacket and my boots. In that order.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Eating pancakes and masturbating all day.

Choose One: Chris Evans, Chris Crocker, Kris Allen, Christina Aguilera

Chris Evans - I think lighting myself on fire like the Human Torch would really help my striptease numbers.

What drink really fucks you up?

Long Island Iced Teas. White trash? Maybe. Classy? Always!

The song on repeat in my iPod right now is...

"Lonely Little G-String." It's for this Pinocchio number I'm working on.

Who would you go straight for?

Amanda Seyfried, Julie Atlas Muz or DeeDee Luxe!

Choose One: Eyes, Abs, Package, or Butt

Package - I get a little dick-ma-tized.

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