Our preview of sizzling LGBT destinations.

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Fire Island Frolics: End of an Era

| By Michael K. Lavers | Sep 7
This season’s last issue of the Fire Island News marks the end of an era of sorts for this humble reporter.

Fire Island Frolics: All About Ascension!

| By Michael K. Lavers | Aug 24
Mother Nature largely proved she loves the gays during Ascension weekend in Fire Island Pines.

Discover Gay Florida :: Daytona Beach

| By Sheri Elfman | Aug 20
The famous (or infamous, depends on your experiences) Daytona Beach isn’t just a place for bikers (although if you are into that, you will be very pleased).

Fire Island Frolics: Cherry Grove Welcomes FIBO

| By Michael K. Lavers | Aug 16
Thousands of LGBT people of color descended upon Cherry Grove this weekend for the ninth annual Fire Island Black Out, but a long-time Grove resident’s tragic death cast a somber shadow upon the beach.

Stockholm Pride 2011 "Openness" Photo Album

| Aug 16
The biggest Pride festival in Scandinavia, Stockholm Pride 2011 celebrated "Openness" with an exuberant parade and a three-night party marked by a surfeit of extraordinary specimens from a city long heralded for its stunning beauty.

More Sand, More Surf, More Fun At California’s Beaches

| By Joel Martens | Aug 13
SoCal is truly perfection when it comes to the outdoor lifestyle; you can surf, dive, boogey-board, swim, snorkel, body surf, play volleyball or just chill on your lounge chair, sip a drink with friends and watch the boys walk by-so de rigueur.

Fire Island Frolics: From Gillibrand to the Concerned Women of the Grove

| By Michael K. Lavers | Aug 9
It was a busy Saturday on Fire Island for this reporter-even if a fight at High Tea capped off what was otherwise a good day.

Sexy Sin City Sizzles in Summer

| By ED Walsh | Aug 9
There’s something about the warm summer nights in Las Vegas that make Las Vegas just a little sexier. And the latest sexiest trend in Sin City is very much optimized in the summer.

We’ll Always Have Paris

| By Mark Thompson | Aug 2
Even with a weakened dollar, it’s still possible to vacation in Paris. Picnic on the banks of the Seine. Wander the Tuileries. Stroll through the Marais. A thousand quotidian pleasures will remind you why you’ll always love Paris best.

Summer in Paris

| Aug 2
As a phrase, "summer in Paris" has a kind of hypnotizing appeal - and to find oneself in the City of Light during the brightest season is to fall in love with the city’s charms all over again.

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