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Martin: The Complete Fifth Season

by Clay Cane
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Oct 9, 2008
Martin: The Complete Fifth Season

The fifth and final season of Martin is in stores, which will complete the collection for Martin fan. However, the last season of the show that ran from 1992 to 1997 was plagued with problems. Martin's alleged drug use, which he later confessed to, was evident on camera. The writers seemed to be scarce for ideas and Martin was no longer interested in playing the various characters that made the show hit. Fans only get two appearances from the legendary Sheneneh. Many of the episodes just simply weren't funny and the tension within the cast was obvious even to viewers.

The biggest blunder of the final season was Tisha Campbell, who played Gina, Martin's girlfriend and(by Season Five) wife, made semi-departure. Allegedly, Campbell claimed she was sexually harassed and did not feel comfortable filming any on camera scenes with Martin Lawrence. By the second half of season five Campbell is non-existent with the exception of phone calls. She returns one more time for the final episode.

Ironically, "Martin" was supposed to continue for a sixth season, but supposedly Martin Lawrence never followed through and the series was axed. Marin: Season Five is reserved for fans of the show. The season includes guest appearances from George Clinton, Tracey Morgan, and Lou Rawls. The 24 episodes are on four discs with no special features.

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