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Review :: Storks

By Jake Coyle | Sep 23
The storks, from their remote island enclave, have given up the baby business to embrace the more lucrative line of online sales. Now they deliver things like new cellphones to equally expectant customers in this animated film.

Review :: Beauty and the Beast

By Kevin Taft | Sep 23
Despite less than potent chemistry between the two leads, the 2014 french version of "Beauty and the Beast" is a gorgeous adaptation that is a feast for the eyes, even if the heart doesn't get satiated.

Review :: Queen of Katwe

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 23
This Disney "Queen" has more to offer than a raft of "Princess" movies.

Review :: The Dressmaker

By Greg Vellante | Sep 23
A deliciously wicked and darkly hilarious screwball meets Western meets melodrama, "The Dressmaker" finds the always-excellent Kate Winslet having an absolute blast.

Review :: The Magnificent Seven

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 23
It's refreshing to see that the old patriarchal norms are being reset, but what we have here comes across as The United Colors of the Wild West.

Review :: The Lovers And The Despot

By Louise Adams | Sep 23
An Official Selection at the 2016 Sundance Festival, writers/directors Rob Cannan and Ross Adam's documentary recounts the what-would-be-insanely-improbable-outside-of-North-Korea saga.

Review :: Salem's Lot

By Ken Tasho | Sep 22
Way back when television mini-series were big events, a popular Stephen King novel about vampirism in Maine was adapted for the small screen.

Review :: Cat's Eye

By Ken Tasho | Sep 21
Most of the three segments in Stephen King's film are in the vein of classic "Twilight Zone" episodes as opposed to anything horrific.

Review :: A Bigger Splash

By Greg Vellante | Sep 20
Sexy, smart and suspenseful, "A Bigger Splash" comes to Blu-ray and DVD with a limitation of bonus content.

Review :: Labyrinth - 30th Anniversary Edition

By EDGE | Sep 20
Grab this re-release and let your eyes and mind feast on the unexpected twists and turns of a story made all the more fun by the wit, whimsy, and once-in-a-lifetime talents of the irreplaceable Jim Henson.

10 thru 19 of 6906 Stories