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Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Freeheld

By JC Alvarez | Feb 3
"Freehold" available now on Blu-ray explores LGBTQ history as it happened in this "inspiring...uplifting" film featuring the magnificent Julianne Moore and Ellen Page in the performances of their lives reflective of many of ours.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Goosebumps

By Chris Kelly | Feb 3
Soon an army of Stine's Goosebumps creatures - including murderous lawn gnomes, a raging Abominable Snowman and a huge and hungry Praying Mantis - are rampaging through Madison.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: The Last Witch Hunter

By Ken Tasho | Feb 3
Vin Diesel does his best to act like Vin Diesel in a new Lionsgate Blu-ray release that generated little interest when released to theaters.

Cinema Review :: Credence

By Kilian Melloy | Feb 2
Two fathers face the heartbreaking necessity of sending their young daughter away to safety in director Mike Buonaiuto's short sci-fi film.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Over Your Dead Body

By Ken Tasho | Feb 2
From the acclaimed director of the hit horror film "Audition" comes a new Japanese tale of terror.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: The Guardian

By Ken Tasho | Feb 2
Famed director William Friedkin returned to his horror roots in 1990 with a mess of a movie that you can't take you eyes off of.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: The New Girlfriend

By Kilian Melloy | Feb 2
Ozon enthusiasts will trip over themselves to get their copy; fans of European cinema, art house movies, and comedy that stimulates thought instead of relying on guttural appeal will treasure this release.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Straight Outta Compton - Unrated Director's Cut

By Louise Adams | Feb 2
Produced by original N.W.A. members Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Eazy-E's widow Tomica Woods-Wright, this film follows the rise and fall of rise of the seminal gangsta rap group with an Oscar-nominated script.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: The Transporter Refueled

By JC Alvarez | Feb 2
From the same guys that brought audiences the "Taken" trilogy now they've recharged a franchise with "The Transporter Refueled." Better buckle in! If you like it fast and hard this Blu-ray is right for you!

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: The Devil Wears Prada - 10th Anniversary Edition

By Kilian Melloy | Feb 1
The new Blu-ray release brings the film's snappy editing -- and high fashion -- to your living room with crystal clarity.

10 thru 19 of 6330 Stories