Rok Hard :: Drew Sumrok on Sex, Porn and...Thundercats?

by Cornelius Washington
Sunday Mar 2, 2014

Devilishly sensual porn man Drew Sumrok burned out the lights while burning up the stage recently at the Nob Hill Theater, causing both genders in the joint to give up gasps and greenbacks in appreciation. Between sets, I asked the very sweaty, busy and ambitious ass-slinger a few questions about what and who he wants to do in 2014. Here's to one more year of not trying... to resist temptation.

Cornelius Washington: I loved your performance and your music choice! I haven't heard tribal beats like that in a long time. They're great for nude dancing. May I ask you a few questions?

Drew Sumrok: Thanks! Sure, ask me whatever you want to know.

In my research, I see that you've worked with a wide variety of companies. I'm always curious with porn stars; what do you do onscreen that you don't do in your private life?

I'd do just about anything. I can't think of anything that I wouldn't do on film.

Well, that leads to another question. What have you done privately that you haven't yet done on film?

Fisting and topping.

Here's hoping that when the porn kings who produce and direct read this, it'll be on and popping with those two! What is your personal New Year's resolution?

To gain ten pounds on my ass (laughs). That's a joke. I like my ass just the way it is!

Professional New Year's resolution?

To direct and produce my own films through my film company DSX3 Films.

Love it. Who will appear in your films with whom you'd have sex?

Adam Killian! He'll die laughing when he reads this! We're friends. He's gonna die laughing, but he's the one I want to do a hot sex scene with.

It'll work, too! Several people tonight are way ahead of you. What's it like performing at the Nob Hill?

It was truly an amazing experience. It can put you under a lot of pressure, but it's a turn-on to me to see the excitement in the faces of the audience as I interact with them.

What movie star/cinema stud would you most want to fuck?

Hugh Jackman! He's sexy!

As far as I'm concerned, he's the top man in Hollywood with the comic book super hero role. In gay culture, being a muscular hot stud who is into gladiator graphic novels, TV shows, movies and comic books is the new, big thing. So, which comic book hero would you want to be?

One of the Thundercats.

Which one?

Doesn't matter. Any one of them. Oh, and I'd like to tell your readers that I'm going to be in one of those hot gay male nude coffee table books. It's going to be called Sneaks. It's cool. All buff guys wearing sneakers. It's being published by Bruno Gmunder.

You've done some bareback videos. Can you comment on that?

I make bareback sex because that's the type of sex I like to have.

Last question. What happened to you last year that you don't want to happen to you in the new year?

I don't want to be stereotyped - period!

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