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New York City, NY

Drenched : A Men's Pool Party @ The Room Mate Grace Hotel :: January 15, 2017

Speedos in the middle of winter? You bet! Joe Fiore just gave his burly, hot and furry following, Drenched, a pool party like no other in NYC.

GOP Governors Who Turned Down Medicaid Money Have Hands Out

| By Thomas Beaumont and Steve Peoples | Jan 19
Republican governors who turned down billions in federal dollars from an expansion of Medicaid under President Barack Obama's health care law now have their hands out in hopes the GOP Congress comes up with a new formula

Obama Praised for Bridging Gap Between Politics and Hip Hop

| By Jonathan Landrum, Jr. | Jan 19
Not only is President Barack Obama the nation's first black president, but it's safe to say he has been America's first hip-hop commander-in-chief.

NASA Study in Hawaii Paving Way for Human Travel to Mars

| By Caleb Jones | Jan 19
A group of NASA-funded researchers are poised to enter an isolated geodesic dome on a remote Hawaii volcano to study human behavior in long-term space exploration, including a planned voyage to Mars.

One More Day: Obama in His Final Hours in the White House

| By Josh Lederman | Jan 19
Eight tumultuous years at the helm of American power have come and gone, and for President Barack Obama, this is finally the end.

Chelsea Manning: a Potent Symbol for Transgender Americans

| By David Crary | Jan 18
For most Americans, Chelsea Manning has been a hero or villain based on how they view her decision to leak classified material. For transgender people, she has another dimension - serving as a potent symbol of their struggles for acceptance.

Obama Defends Decision to Commute Chelsea Manning's Sentence

| By Julie Pace and Josh Lederman | Jan 18
President Obama defended his decision to cut nearly three decades off convicted leaker Chelsea Manning's prison term, arguing in his final White House news conference that the former Army intelligence analyst had served a "tough prison sentence" already.

Orlando Gunman's Widow Pleads Not Guilty to Aiding Husband

| By Paul Elias | Jan 18
The widow of the Orlando nightclub gunman pleaded not guilty to charges that she aided and abetted her husband's support of the Islamic State group and then hindered the investigation of the attack.

'Orange is the New Black' Actress Denies Quitting Show

| Jan 18
"Orange Is The New Black" star Taryn Manning and Netflix are shooting down a report that the actress quit the show.

Pence Calls Manning 'Traitor,' Clemency Mistake

| Jan 18
Vice President-elect Mike Pence says President Barack Obama's decision to commute Chelsea Manning's sentence was a "mistake," and is calling the convicted leaker a "traitor."

Former President George H.W. Bush, Wife Barbara Hospitalized

| By Michael Graczyk | Jan 18
Former President George H.W. Bush was admitted to an intensive care unit on Wednesday, and his wife, Barbara, was hospitalized as a precaution, according to his spokesman.


Texas House Speaker Pans Bathroom Bill, Exposes GOP Divide

| By Will Weissert | Jan 18
A powerful Texas Republican says a proposal barring transgender people from using public restrooms of their choice statewide is bad for business.


New York City, NY

Review :: New York Philharmonic': Brahms' Third and Beethoven's Emperor Concerto with Stephen Hough

MUSIC | By Jonathan Leaf | Jan 17
The New York Philharmonic presented a program of Beethoven's Fifth Piano Concerto, "The Emperor," and Brahms' Third Symphony, featuring British pianist Stephen Hough.

Watch: Makeup Artist/Gay Porn Actor Leo Sweetwood Shows You to Look Like Trump

| Jan 18
Makeup artist and gay porn performer Leo Sweetwood shares a hilariously shady clip on how to look like Donald Trump.


As Robots Take Jobs, Europeans Mull Free Money for All

| By John Leicester | Jan 18
The radical notion that governments should hand out free money to everyone - rich and poor, those who work and those who don't - is slowly but surely gaining ground in Europe.


Woodstock, VT, Fights to Save Its Charm, One Shutter At a Time

| By Wilson Ring | Dec 31
Some property owners are questioning the community's requirement, arguing that the regulations are enforced irregularly, and that some buildings look better without shutters.


Auto Show Concepts: Would You Build Them or Forget Them?

| By Dee-Ann Durbin | Jan 17
Car companies don't just show current models at auto shows. They also unveil prototypes that could be built in the future.


Coffee and a Slice? 7-Eleven Launches Breakfast Pizza

| Jan 18
The convenience store chain says that it combines the convenience of eating leftover pizza for the first meal of the day with traditional breakfast foods.


HPV Infection Threatens the Entire LGBT Community

| By EDGE | Jan 18
A recent article by The Advocate warns that the human papillomavirus (HPV) is a hidden threat to all members of the LGBT community -- and few people even realize what it is.


Tourists Flee Gambia As Violence Looms

| By Abdoulie John | Jan 18
More than 1,000 mainly British and Dutch tourists began leaving the tiny West African nation on specially chartered flights. Hundreds were streaming into the airport, seeking information on departures.


New York City, NY

Super Size QUEEN Fridays @ Hardware Bar :: January 13, 2017

Shawn Paul Mazur and Matthew Gagnon presented a new party at Hardware Bar in the heart of Hell's Kitchen. It was hosted by the talented Bootsie Lefaris, with amazing beats by DJ Michael Borowski.

Latinx United to Celebrate Reproductive Justice

| By EDGE | Jan 18
On January 18 at El Cortez in Brooklyn, performers and drag queens will gather for the Happy Anniversary Roe V. Wade party. The event will bring together Latinxs to celebrate reproductive justice.