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JACI Study Finds Allergen Immunotherapy Safe, Despite Proposed Regulations

A new study reveals that current allergen immunotherapy is generally very safe.

Social Media Flips Out Over 'No Fats, No Fems' Shirt

NEWS | Apr 29
Social media users are taking aim at online retailer Marek + Richard for its new tank top shirt that reads "No Fats, No Fems."

Only in Florida: Man Chews Crack, Tells Cops It's a Jolly Rancher

NEWS | Apr 29
A Florida man's "sweet tooth" got him arrested for tampering with evidence.

Nick Jonas: I'm Am Not a 'Gay Cock Tease'

NEWS | Apr 29
Pop star Nick Jonas, who has been criticized of "gay-baiting," recently spoke with Queerty ahead of his upcoming new album "Last Year Was Complicated."

'Gigolos' Star Nick Hawk Gets Penis Insured for $1 Million

Dolly Parton insured her boobs. Mick Jagger has protected his lips, Mariah Carey's got a policy on her legs, and Keith Richards has one on his middle finger.

Hate Group Claims God is Using Target as a 'Wake Up' Call

NEWS | Apr 29
Over 900,000 anti-gay signatures aren't enough. Officials at the hate group American Family Association want the pulpit too. They're claiming that the outpouring of anti-LGBT support is a wake-up call from an angry God.

PopUps: Rapper The Game, King of the Bulge, Scores Underwear Deal

Rapper The Game, who has proven to be an expert at keeping the thirst alive with his eye-popping bulge selfies, has scored a new underwear deal that will help with his charity.

Prince's 'Purple Rain' Coat Is Up For Auction

ENTERTAINMENT | By Nicole Evatt | Apr 29
A rare piece of movie memorabilia from Prince's 1984 classic film "Purple Rain" is hitting the auction block.

PopUps: Usher Went Ahead and Shared Some 'Nudes'

Usher is giving fans a reason to sing "OMG."

Lawsuit Says College Disciplined Professor Over LGBT Dispute

NEWS | Apr 29
A Christian college in Massachusetts is being sued over allegations that it disciplined a professor for opposing the school's stance on hiring gay workers.


Clinton Backers 'Feel the Bern' of Angry Sanders Supporters

By Lisa Lerer | Apr 29
Nancy Schumacher says she wanted to do her civic duty, and so she heeded the call to become a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton. But in the year of the angry voter, not even an administrative assistant from Elk River, Minnesota, can escape the outrage.


Review :: The Wait

By Noe Kamelamela | Apr 29
The plot is straightforward, with a denouement that delivers both closure and a sweet sensation of genuine human connection.


Yahoo Reshuffles Board in Truce with Rebellious Shareholder

By Michael Liedtke | Apr 29
Yahoo has reached a truce with an activist investor threatening to oust CEO Marissa Mayer and the rest of its board, removing a major distraction as the company evaluates bids to buy its Internet operations.


Japan Abandons Costly X-ray Satellite Lost in Space

Apr 29
Japan's space agency has abandoned its efforts to restore the operations of a multimillion-dollar satellite that was to probe the mysteries of black holes using X-ray telescopes.


Thinking Inside the Box: Shipping Container Homes

By Terry Tang | Apr 29
A stack of shipping containers sitting in a lot in an industrial section of Phoenix has some developers thinking inside the box. The structures usually used to transport cargo have been transformed into eight apartments.


2016 Subura Forester Delivers Affordable All-Wheel Drive

By Ann M. Job | Apr 29
It's not flashy, but the Subaru Forester has the second-lowest price for a compact SUV with traction-improving all-wheel drive. This year, it adds new safety and entertainment features.


Next Stop: Remembrance, Part 2

By Matthew Wexler | Apr 29
EDGE travel editor Matthew Wexler heads to Poland for an emotional journey that bridges the atrocities of the past to a future full of hope.