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2 Dimensional Life of Her

by Giovannah Philippeaux
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jan 15, 2013
A scene from ’2 Dimensional Life of Her’
A scene from ’2 Dimensional Life of Her’  (Source:Jamie Williams)

"2 Dimensional Life Of Her" is an immensely enjoyable journey through the imaginative mind of its creator Fleur Elise Noble. It manages the difficult task of providing both ambiguity and depth. With a well-coordinated use of sound, puppetry, imagery and live action, this intriguing performance by Noble is worth a second, third, and fourth viewing.

One part trip through the rabbit hole, another part poignant commentary on the dark creative process, the audience is immediately captivated and never released. Upon entering the space you instantly feel as though you have disturbed a tangible energy.

Has something just happened? Is there something still in progress? You are curious, intrigued, and immediately engaged. Either classroom, studio, or mistress' apartment, something is happening...the mystery is just beginning to unravel.

You enter a colorless space. As you are asked to be seated on the floor, you notice it littered with the remnants of a heated debate. Have lovers quarreled? A solitary open wine bottle rests on the table. Have the lovers rekindled? This is the buzz Noble has successfully created in her forty-minute performance. It is a story already in progress that will continue long after the audience is gone. The question of observation will be a continuing theme throughout the piece. Noble, the creations, and the audience will all alternate in the role of observer and observed.

You are greeted by a tall, lone, and monochromatic figure that stands silently and nearly motionless. Towering above the audience, she watches you as you watch her, creating a voyeuristic discomfort. Are you being judged? Deemed worthy to follow? She will serve as your guide taking you through a magnificent journey where she will recount a story of birth, death, and re-emergence. Silently, she informs you that you should feel privileged to have been invited.

The subjects become the artists, the creator the created. It is a cyclical process of continued growth and transition.

Throughout the piece Noble explores the menacing side of the creative process. The guide does her best to maintain the compact room as one-by-one the artist's creations begin to escape. Her subjects begin to take on a life of their own, duplicating until they overrun her symbolic space. As the guide becomes fearful, the clones become increasingly destructive eventually taking over and shutting out the audience. The creations re-emerge as the creator, it is now Noble's turn to be on display. She is set on the task of relocating her paper cutout, her own two-dimensional self.

The subjects become the artists, the creator the created. It is a cyclical process of continued growth and transition. There are moments when her creations overwhelm her, these moments cause a strain but this strain results in a new and unique creation. Eventually this Island of Dr. Moreau self-destructs, returning everything to quasi-normality. The set erupts, she unhinges her puppets, the space is reclaimed. All toys are put properly away in preparation for another day.

Is this the plight of the artist, to create a world that will persist even if she is eager to walk away, a world all its own? According to Noble such a plight is the creative process; A process that she embraces, plays with, and is sometimes wary. It is a constant tug-of-war between sadistic lovers, each giving and taking a little in return.

These are some of the questions the audience is left with after viewing "2 Dimensional Life Of Her." There are no answers offered, just one woman's interpretation; one woman's creative process. It is an intriguing piece that will serve as a continuous reflection of the changes Noble undergoes as an artist. This piece could be entirely different in one or five years.

An intimate peek into the mind of Fleur Elise Noble, "2 Dimensional Life Of Her" packs a punch for only forty minutes. Ironically, it is the same length as your typical therapy session.

Is Noble confessing some deep dark private secret? Are Noble and the audience role-playing? Kinkiness aside, whatever the reasons behind this open conversation each audience member will take away something different, but all are sure to enjoy the experience.

"2 Dimensional Life Of Her" runs through Jan. 20 at The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street. For information or tickets, call 212-539-8500 or visit www.undertheradarfestival.com.

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