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'American Idol' Star Who Made Anti-LGBT Remarks: I 'Chose' to be Straight After 'Being Homosexual for 2 Years'

Wednesday Mar 8, 2017

Last year La'Porsha Renae, the runner up of the final season of "American Idol," made headlines for saying she "doesn't really agree" with the LGBT "lifestyle." After suffering a backlash, the singer tweeted, "We don't have to agree with each other's life choices to love/respect one another. Live and let live." She also apologized during an interview with TVLine at the time, saying she was "firmly" against LGBT discrimination.

Several months have passed since the controversy but Renae, 23, recently got into a Twitter debate with fans and made some wild statements about sexuality, writing she "chose to be heterosexual after being homosexual for 2 years," as the reality TV site MJSBigBlog reports.

Renae responded to a Twitter user who called her homophobic and took issue that her debut album "Already All Ready" is set to drop at the end of the month via Motown records.

The singer tweeted she's "not afraid of homosexuals, nor do I hate them. I respect EVERYONE."

One Twitter user claimed Renea believes sexuality is a choice - a statement with which the singer sort of disagreed.

As MJSBigBlog points out, another Twitter user asked the "American Idol" alum to clarify her remarks. That's when Renae said was gay for two years but now chooses to be straight.

The singer has yet to tweet further about her sexuality.

Renae placed second on the 15th and final season of "American Idol," losing out to Trent Harmon.


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