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Some Voters, Stung by Election Result, Stirred to New Action

By Matt Sedensky | Dec 2
Three weeks out from a presidential election result that left them deeply dejected, many liberals now say they've been roused to action in new ways, from making donations and volunteering to considering political runs themselves.

Farage Interview: Far-Right Win in France Would Doom EU

By Gregory Katz | Dec 1
Nigel Farage is reveling in his successful campaign to take Britain out of the European Union, buddying up to Donald Trump and predicting the fire he helped kindle may soon spread to France and finally torch the European integration project.

UK Bill Requiring Firms to Store Web Histories Becomes Law

By Jill Lawless | Nov 30
A contentious internet surveillance bill that creates databases of Britons' online activity has become law - though the government says come of its provisions still need "extensive testing" before taking effect.

GOP Leaders Set for House Vote on Medical Research Bill

By Alan Fram | Nov 30
Republican leaders are ready to push through the House a compromise medical research bill that's prompted complaints from Democrats and consumer groups but seems all but certain to sail through Congress.

Germany's Merkel 'Not Happy' Pacific Trade Pact in Danger

By Geir Moulson | Nov 28
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday she's not happy about the possible demise of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which President-elect Donald Trump wants to pull the U.S. out of.

Congress Demands Fixes for Car Seat Failures

Nov 27
Federal lawmakers are demanding changes to vehicle safety regulations and calling for an investigation into car makers as the result of an ongoing CBS News investigation into the strength of car seats.

AP Explains: 5 Trump Business Ties That Pose Conflicts

By Bernard Condon | Nov 25
After Ivanka Trump appeared on CBS's "60 Minutes" wearing a $10,800 bracelet from her jewelry line, someone at her company sent photos from the interview to fashion writers to drum up free publicity.

Scottish Visit Liechtenstein, Eyeing EU Trade Post-Brexit

By Jamey Keaten | Nov 24
With Britain's exit from the European Union looming, Scottish officials have been visiting Liechtenstein to explore the tiny Alpine country's arrangements that give it access to the massive EU market.

Australian Charged with Violating Cambodia's Surrogacy Ban

Nov 23
A court in Cambodia has charged an Australian woman and two Cambodians with violating the country's new ban on providing commercial surrogacy services.

As Trump Prepares for White House, Never Trumpers Say Maybe

By Lisa Lerer | Nov 23
Dozens of Republican foreign policy experts, business leaders and elected officials came out against Trump during the presidential race. Now, they're facing a difficult choice: Get on the Trump train or watch it leave from the station.

1 thru 10 of 1055 Stories